Jose P. Laurel: Third President of the Philippines

Biography of Jose P. Laurel

Third President of the Philippines

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Era: Third President of the Philippines, President of the Second Republic
Constitution: 1943 Constitution
Predecessor: Position established
Successor: Position abolished
Date elected: September 25, 1943 (elected by the KALIBAPI Assembly)
Inauguration: October 14, 1943, Legislative Building (now National Museum), Manila (aged 51)
Seat of Government: Manila (1943-1944), Baguio (1944-1945)
Vice President: None
Chief Justice: Jose Yulo (February 5, 1942-August 1945)
Speaker of the National Assembly: Benigno S. Aquino Sr. (October 17, 1943-February 2, 1944)

Previous Positions
Executive Bureaucracy: Clerk for the Bureau of Forestry (1909)
Bureaucracy: Undersecretary, Department of the Interior (1922); Secretary of the Interior (1923)
Cabinet: Commissioner of Justice (1942), Philippine Executive Commission
Cabinet: Commissioner, Department of Interior (1942)
Legislative Upper House: Senator of the 5th Senatorial District (Batangas, Mindoro, Tayabas, Cavite, and Marinduque) (1925-1931)
Upper House: Senator (1951-1957)
Judicial: Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (1936-1941),
Others 2nd in the Philippine Bar Examination (1915)
Delegate, 1934 Constitutional Convention
President, 1943 Preparatory Committee on Philippine Independence
Chairman, 1954 Economic Mission to the United States
Founder, Lyceum of the Philippines
Worked under other Administrations:
QUEZON as Associate Justice
QUIRINO as Senator
MAGSAYSAY as Senator; Special Envoy (Laurel-Langley Agreement)
GARCIA as Senator

Personal Details
Born: March 9, 1891 Tanauan, Batangas
Died November 6, 1959 Mandaluyong City
Resting Place: Tanauan, Batangas
Political Parties: Nacionalista Party (1925-1941), Kapisanan ng Paglilingkod sa Bagong Pilipinas,(KALIBAPI) (1943-1945), Nacionalista Party (1945-1959)
Parents:  Sotero Laurel and Jacoba Garcia
Spouse: Pacencia Hidalgo y Valencia (1889-1960) (m. 1911)
Children: Jose Bayani Laurel Jr., Jose Sotero Laurel III, Natividad Laurel-Guinto, Sotero Cosme Laurel, Mariano Antonio Laurel, Rosenda Placencia Laurel-Avanceña, Potenciana Laurel-Yupangco, Salvador Roman Laurel, Arsenio Laurel
Bachelor of Laws, University of the Philippines (1915),
Master of Laws, Escuela de Derecho (1919)
Doctor of Civil Laws, Yale University (1920)
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Santo Tomas (1936)
Honoris Causa, Tokyo Imperial University 東京帝國大 (1938)
Professor -
Academe College of Law, University of the Philippines
Philippine Law, Lacson College
Faculty of Law, University of Santo Tomas
National Law College, University of Manila
Institute of Law, Far Eastern University
College of Law, Central University
College of Law, Adamson University

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