Tips When going to Book Fair Warehouse Sale

What to do in Book Fair Warehouse Sale

Tips when going to book fair warehouse sale and make you book hunting less hassle.

  1.  It's recommended to come early when books are in place/organized.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes, the usual warehouses are not built with air-conditioning system. In layman's term it is a place called "bodega" (stockroom).
  3. In case you have allergic rhinitis bring face mask, wipes and alcohol. The place will be crampy and dusty.
  4. Limit bringing children with you especially the little ones, it's not a play area or book store you can roam/story tell and goof around. The place will be filled with book hunters and bookworms digging books.
  5. Bring sturdy shopping bags for your purchases.
  6. List down a few book titles and authors you are looking for, although with tons of books like that decide which is books are age-appropriate for your child. You might be lucky to find hard to find books you've been wanting to have for so long.
  7. Search for classic books and included in the BFIAR list.


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