The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center Opens the Museum Annex

What to see in The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center and its Museum Annex

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Last March 2018, The Museum Annex open its doors to the public. A 2-storey museum located beside the Rex Publishing Showroom. Aside from the book museum and ethnology center, a new concept café James Dean Café launches as a resting place for museum goers.
The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Centre marikina city
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The Book Museum. A place to discover hard to find books and vast collection of books from different genres. From the entrance, a welcome mural depicts the local and international history of the publishing industry. The main door displays the three initial names of Atty. Dominador Buhain’s children were written in Baybayin. Noted painting depictions of Sto. Tomas holding the Doctrina Christiana Explicado whom he used to teach theology, the display pf printing press of Johannes Guttenberg and a representation of collection of shoes with the statue of Atty. Buhain’s parents. From the right side of the facade, there stood three totem poles which characterized a selected Philippine myths and legends.

The Book museum mostly displays book enclosed in a glass for safety and protection most specifically the old, treasured books. Atty. Buhain is a well-travelled man being a member Traveler’s Century Club, he set foot to more than 200 countries. From every travel, he went to, he makes sure to bring a book or a memento he most fond of. Along the aisle of The Book Museum, the books are arranged and labeled per country with some of his photographs in it.

Most people wonder what’s behind the big foot idea? There’s a huge foot at the center of the museum, the benches around the area have human feet as its support, the logo of The Book Museum is characterized by a foot. According to the in-house curator of The Book Museum, “the foot is part of the body that symbolizes readiness, mobility, and progress. It is akin to the shoe industry in Marikina. The foot is associated with the countless shoes the Rex Book Store founder Juanito F. Fontelera, has bought in his lifetime.

The museum is highlighted by the exact marbled reproduction of the respective feet of the members of the Board of Directors of the Rex Group of Companies.

The big foot at the center is exact marbled reproduction of the foot of the proponent and benefactor of this Book Museum. The gentleman owns the distinction of having travelled to two hundred seventy-three (273) countries under the Most Travelled Person listing and to two hundred five (205) countries under the Traveler’s Century Club.”

Books ranges from longest book (in a scroll), smallest book, first Philippine book printed, classical books, advocacy books, comic books, children books, political books, art books, religious book, 1st edition books, books written by Philippine national heroes, books written by foreign political figure, literature books, non-fiction books, Nobel prize authors, and so many hard to find books which can only be viewed here. Researches can make a request to access archives of specific topic.

Ethnology Center. The center is divided into 2 regions: Cordillera region and the Southern Philippines. Cordillera region houses Ifugao artefacts while the Southern Philippines exhibits artefacts from Mindoro’s Mangyan group and other Southern Tagalog group, and Muslim group from different areas in Mindanao.
The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Centre marikina city
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Museum Annex. The new addition from Atty. Buhain’s collectibles. From the main entrance, a random collection prehistoric stones from Gigantes Island will lead you a collection of Filipino head gears or hat accumulated for the past 50 years of his travels. such as different types salakot, pawikan hat from Aparri, Cagayana and native hats from all over the Philippines. At the second level displays International head gears from foreign countries such as Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, USA, China, Bob Harley hat from Haiti, South Korean warrior helmet and winter hat, unique bath cap from Singapore, Edo period hat from Tokyo, Japan, Japanese military hat during the Japanese occupation, German police hat, Korean ancient scholar male hat, etc.
The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Centre marikina city
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These headgears or hats are brought here in the Philippines either for utilitarian or leisurely purposes, for decoration or for preservation especially if they have historical value or representative of the travel destinations visited.

Aside from headgears collection, there’s a portion of antique stoneware, sling shots of the world, a collection of angels and cherubic images, sling shots of the world and exotic necklaces all accumulated for the past fifty (50) years.

The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center is located 201 Dao Street, Marikina Heights, Marikina City. Entrance Fee is P300 with food voucher of P100 to partner café, the James Dean Café. They accept group reservations, just contact (+632) 570-4449 or visit

How to get there

Via public ride: From Cubao Gateway, take Marikina bound FX ride and get off at Concepcion / Meralco intersection. Ride a tricycle to Dao Street. Tricycle fare P12/regular or P20/special.


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